I'm the dude that runs Graveface Records in Savannah, GA. I also play in Dreamend (clearly), The Marshmallow Ghosts, The Casket Girls, Black Moth Super Rainbow and a few others.


my favorite place.

Exclusive: NIGHT SCHOOL Premiere New Song “Casiotone” 


our song casiotone was premiered today i’m happy it was picked i wrote it when i was 17 n it’s still near and dear to me. follow the link to listen :——)

Album Review: Whirr - 'Sway' 



I count myself fortunate to have discovered Whirr without the help of the whole “guilt-by-Deafheaven-association-via-Nick-Bassett” thing that over-shadows most write-ups about them these days. Every once in a great while, I’ll put my money into a blind faith music purchase, and in 2010, the…

Whirr - Sway 




When Whirr announced a new album and “Mumble” first premiered, things didn’t sound promising. Something just wasn’t right with the sound. Something was missing. Whirr’s second full-length, Sway, took a step in the wrong direction. Around, the latest Whirr release before Sway, seemed to be…

A+ review. GENIUS.


DAY 5:  I went to work Tuesday. I decided to work during the six months of my chemo treatment rather than going on disability or taking family leave act.  For me, it was about not “being sick” and by going to work and continuing my days as they were, I could feel more like myself and less like the sick version of me.  It has its pros and cons.  I’m an art conservator so my office is climate controlled for the art works which translates to this: very cold.  The coldness aggravates my neuropathy, sometimes freezing my hands to the point I can’t open them.  I’ve done all I could- had the vent closed by my desk, wear multiple sweaters, cover with a blanket, bring  a heating pad, etc.- but it is still freezing in there.  The nature of my work includes multiple repetitive tasks with small tools- so my hands tend to give out quicker than usual.  Still when I think  of being home day after day and how much cabin fever I would experience, I am thankful to be able to go to my job everyday.  This particular Tuesday, I came to work to find a package on my desk- the new Whirr record that I had pre-ordered from Graveface Records months ago!  So you can see how happy I am here.  It’s the little things that get me through. 

xoxo.  best wishes.


whirr tonight

Graveface Records Gift Shop 


to my closer internet friends and other people around the world if u guys want, you can pre-order my band night schools 7” ep called Heart Beat. it comes out oct 7 and ships pretty much everywhere. it’s gonna be such a pretty record

the vinyl itself is gonna be light pink!!!! it’ll be so cute to hold n have and to help support us thank u.


Tonight in LA.


Tonight in LA.

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