I'm the dude that runs Graveface Records in Savannah, GA. I also play in Dreamend (clearly), The Marshmallow Ghosts, The Casket Girls, Black Moth Super Rainbow and a few others.


If I awoke one day to find the only music left in existence was from bands on Graveface’s label, I think I’d be just fine.



Graveface has announced they received the first batch of Sway pressings (in all formats) and in celebration, will be shipping them before its 9/23 release date! Cop this asap! //


The Casket Girls live at Holy Frijoles, 36th Street, Hampden, Baltimore, Md.


The Casket Girls - Sleepwalking Live at BSP Kingston

One of the best shows I’d been to in a while. The Casket Girls live were fucking epic, and at the small but awesome BSP Kingston, it was the perfect setting.  My buddy had seen them in Boston, and coincided a trip home to visit with this show just so he could catch them a second time.  He had to told me to expect a stage act from the girls, think synchronized swimming.  I now know exactly what he meant, though you might have to watch the 2nd video I upload to fully get it.  Check it out, its a new unreleased song…  

I was also completely blown away by Dreamend that opened, and I regret not taking of a video of their opening song which was killer.  Dreamend is the same people from The Casket Girls minus the front girls Elsa & Phaedra.  It’s basically Ryan’s band (and his label, Graveface), as he’s released two Dreamend albums that he completely self recorded and performed (both OOP picture discs, but you can grab digitals).  But on tour he has Pete and Maria supporting him on drums and bass, while he plays nasty guitar and sings through this ski mask fitted with a mic.  That mask is quite a spectacle, and if it wasn’t so dark, with Ryan always on the back of the stage, maybe you’d be able to see it better in these videos.  Anyways, Dreamend is much harder live, and I am all about that.

The Casket Girls - True Love Kills the Fairytale LP first retail/mail-order pressing was Ltd to 700 copies on sea & aqua blue a side b side vinyl, now sold out. But the second pressing on highlighter yellow / baby blue a side b side vinylis available on vinyl from Graveface Records now

Their first pressing of their debut record Sleepwalking was on peach vinyl and is now sold out, but you can grab the second pressing on 180g black vinyl.

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-Chemical Dizzy, The Casket Girls, True Love Kills the Fairy Tale

The Casket Girls...who knew? 



I first learned about the indie-nightmare-pop trio, The Casket Girls: Sisters Elsa and Phaedra Greene, and Ryan Graveface, while browsing for books, not music, at Amazon.


"The Casket Girls" by Brenda Burke

Actually, I was browsing for any new vampire non-fiction, spotted some titles…


"Mumble" by Whirr // Sway (Out 9.23.14 via Graveface Records)

Graveface has been on an absolute streak this year, already having released two of my favorites of the entire year (Haley Bonar's “Last War” & The Casket Girls “True Love Kills the Fairy Tale”). Now, in a couple of months they’ll be releasing another contender in the form of Whirr's Sway. If the new single, “Mumble” is any indication, it’s going to be an exciting collection. What stands out for me immediately about “Mumble” is that Whirr are creating a sound that has been missing in my life for a while - richly textured shoegaze-y, space rock. Sure, it can be labeled as all sorts of things, but for me it reminds me of favorites of the past like Failure’s Fantastic Planet, as well as current loves like Alcest's Shelter. It’s a heavier sound than you usual get here at PMW, but it’s a fantastic and rewarding sound all the same. I can’t wait to hear more. 


Here’s another sophmore album worth your all so short attention gazes. This band, in case you don’t know, is Savannah-based so it has that Southern Goth vibe bred into it.  It’s two sisters made up songs together since an early age and then met impressario Ryan Graveface.  The first album showed promise and the second one delivers on it.  Real nice shoegaze with an alluring seductive feel.


Whirr - Mumble

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